About Us

Hi there, we are the Harris Family!


First let me start by introducing myself, I am Tayler, and my husband is Emmanuel! We have two sons and a daughter. We live on a farm, run our herb business and help in my inlaw's greenhouses. We are usually on the go and very busy but we always take time to spend with the children and families. 


Our business has been in operation for over 25 years; however, it was in 2019 that we became an official LLC. Originally started by my mother-in-law, Emmanuel's mother, Eleanor; she hand-crafted all of her recipes and pressed her first tinctures by hand. She began by selling her remedies in her Amish community but has since passed the recipes and knowledge onto our little family. And we hope to pass these remedies down to future Harris generations!


Our products does make a big impact. In our home, it is important to use natural medicines/remedies and the power of a healthy lifestyle to create vibrant, happy lives for us, our children, and those close to us. Our mission with this business is to help you and those you care for become the healthiest versions you can possibly be, with the use of natural, holistic remedies. We appreciate the support and business we have received thus far and look forward to assisting you achieve ultimate health.